Shinjuku Thief

Home, Bangkok, Thailand, 2006-11-14 14:04 +0700


The Shinjuku Thief website. 10 years old, and quite frankly looking it.

The Shinjuku Thief website that I created back in 1996 for Darrin Verhagen is still online 10 years later! I only just realized that I missed it’s 10th birthday by about 4 months.. sorry website, I’ll remember your 20th for sure!

That was a fun projekt. I think it was the third or fourth website that I’d created (the others being dodgy home pages for myself). I got to meet Darrin whose music I was into at the time, and since I had to upload the site through his PowerMac, I got to sit in his studio right next to the Kurzweil K2000 that he used to create The Scribbler, The Witch Hammer, etc, and the Atari ST he used (I think) to create Bloody Tourist. When we weren’t working on the site, Darrin also introduced me to a bunch of music I’d never heard before from artists like Thomas Koner, Lustmord, Ryoji Ikeda, some of which I now rank among my favorite artists.

I have a feeling that the site still being online is more of an accident than anything else as Darrin has a shiny new site under his own name, but I still get a kick out of seeing the old site I put together over a decade ago still up and running :)