Using Prometheus Relabeling to Attach Custom Metadata

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In my homelab, some nodes are expected to be running 24x7 (e.g. my monitoring host) while others are online only when needed (e.g. the Octoprint node that controls my 3D printer). I wanted to create a Grafana dashboard and corresponding Prometheus alerts to catch when those nodes expected to be always-on are down for some reason.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Connecting Prometheus to pfSense via SNMP

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The snmp_exporter is one of the trickier Prometheus components to set up because there’s a few moving parts involved in a full configuration and because of the need to run an extra tool to generate the snmp.yml config file from the ever-mysterious “MIBS”.

Manipulating Time Inside a Docker Container

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I had an edge case where I needed to be able to run a Docker container with the time 24 hours ahead of the real time for a single containerized build agent in my TeamCity build farm. Against Multiple Servers in Prometheus / Grafana

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Instability on my residential Internet connection this week prompted me to add some blackbox_exporter probes to my Prometheus/Grafana monitoring system so I could collect outage data to share with my ISP.

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