UK Ministry of Justice Guest Speaker at Tech Talk Thursday, Orion Health

Home, Bangkok, Thailand, 2016-02-04 21:24 +0700

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Over the past couple of years the United Kingdom Ministry of Justice have been applying Design Thinking to develop new user experiences for British citizens who need to interact with the ministry including via online digital channels as well as paper forms.

The end-users (e.g. court staff) and customers (e.g. people who need to attend court or otherwise interact with the MOJ) have been active participants in the MOJ’s Agile projects, which has enabled everyone involved to realize the promise of Agile for rapid iteration and tight feedback loops that lead to a better product.

My sister Kellie is on the UK MoJ team as a Service Designer, and today was a guest speaker at our Tech Talk Thursday event (even though it’s a Tuesday) to share the experiences and learnings that she and her team had along the way.

The MoJ journey of iterating quickly and failing-fast/learning-fast to find product-market-fit was interesting - these are things we’ve been trying to get better at within our team so it was good to learn how another organization has handled it. It’s also quite telling of the times we live in that even a government department is embracing the digital transformation wave sweeping the world.

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