Krypton 2.0.0 b1 Released

Home, Bangkok, Thailand, 2007-02-28 21:49 +0700


Krypton is a software build system, but I won’t launch into an explanation here because I’ve written enough words about what it is on the Krypton website.

I started writing Krypton around this time in 2005, so it’s been about two years. I didn’t work on it full time for those two years though, indeed in the 8 months that I’ve been living in Bangkok, I’ve hardly worked on it at all. Krypton has been at the “finished but needs cleaning up for release” stage for a long time, but it’s only in the last three weeks that I mustered up the energy to do that cleaning up, which is really one of the hardest parts of the projekt. Packaging and testing a piece of software for release requires patience and attention to detail.

The release I published on SourceForge this week is Beta 1. There’s still lots to do to get the produkt to the level I want it to be at, but now I have a base to build on.

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