KubeCon Shanghai 2018

Air China Lounge, Shanghai International Airport, China, 2018-11-16 05:16 +0800

#software_engineering #cloud


It’s 5am in Shanghai and I’m at the Air China lounge on my way home from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s KubeCon event in Shanghai this week.

My main takeaways from the conference are:

  • Operators are the future of Kubernetes extensibility. There were a couple of sessions presenting extensions to Kubernetes that are deployed via operator - for example Rook is a storage abstraction for Kubernetes that is managed via operators.
  • Kubernetes is much easier to install these days as compared to the first time I built a cluster about 2 years ago.
  • Kubernetes and CNCF are BIG in China. For example JD.com who was one of the platinum sponsors appear to have a massive Kubernetes-based infrastructure; VMWare China are the team behind the Harbour container registry product.
  • A number of different people are trying to work on various Kubernetes-at-the-edge topologies - this could be a next wave
  • ML/AI on Kubernetes is already pretty mature and also could be another next wave