USB Hub Under-Desk Mount

Home, Bangkok, Thailand, 2020-04-18 14:43 +0700



Here’s a quick project I just did to mount an old but good quality powered Belkin 7-port USB hub that I had laying around to the underside of my desk.

Since it’s powered it can handle a bunch of devices and this one is now driving:

  • Keyboard
  • Logitech mouse dongle
  • Mouse mat RGB LED’s
  • Steel Series headphones
  • iPhone dock

Having the hub attached under the desk means I only need one USB cable from the desktop down to the PC on the floor. This is especially helpful since my desk is a powered standing desk.

So first up I took some measurements:

I then roughed out the main sketch in Fusion360. All the features came from this sketch except the screw holes:

The pieces are very small so the print was nice and quick:

The bracket for the connector end is open to allow the cables to be inserted, while the bracket at the other end is closed.

This was my first time designing in countersink holes - this was achieved by rotating a triangle in Fusion to create a cone, then just subtracting that from the body:

The hub was mounted using one screw in each bracket - the fitting is firm enough for day-to-day usage and has helped to tidy up my desk cabling - love it: