Weekend 3D Printer Upgrades

Home, Bangkok, Thailand, 2019-03-17 20:22 +0700



Triggered by a number of failed prints this weekend, I’ve ended up making the following upgrades to my CR10S:

  • Replaced the Bowden tube
  • Added cable clips
  • Raspberry Pi enclosure
  • Action camera mount

First although the clip that I mentioned in my post about fixing the Bowden tube worked great for a while, it finally gave up and the tube popped out of the connector again, failing a print in the process.

As mentioned previously I had some new Bowden parts on order already last time and they’ve arrived in the meantime so I had parts on hand. The connectors I ordered turned out to be the wrong pitch and are unusable, but the blue teflon tube with pre-installed connectors did fit. I intalled that and also added some clips from Thingiverse to hold the new tube to the hot-end cable. I’m very happy with the result not only because the Bowden tube is now rock solid and super tidy but also because it’s color-coordinated with the CR-10S trim:

Next - I’ve printed a Raspberry Pi enclosure for the RPi that’s running Octopi for my CR-10S. I searched through at a ton of designs on Thingiverse and eventually found exactly what I needed: a lovely minimalistic under-frame mount which fits perfectly with my long-term plan of putting the CR-10S on legs and moving the power supply underneath the printer:

Finally the action camera mount, in my case supporting a Xiaomi Yi 4K+ ready to do some print timelapses: